Full List of Services

 Motorcycle riders and owners are passionate about their bikes.

So if your motorcycles gets scratched, dented, crashed or damaged in anyway,

we at A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair will ensure your bike is back to its former glory as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to you.

From insurance claims to private repairs, from factory finish to custom paint work, if your bike
is damaged and it needs a little TLC, A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair can fix it.




If your bike has been damaged and you need to claim via insurance, let us do the legwork. From pick-up and recovery to written quotes and dealing directly with your Insurance Company - just contact us and we'll get it sorted.


We have a great working relationship with many of the big insurance companies, which means we get repairs authorised and your bike back to you with minimum disruption.


If your pride and joy gets scratched, dented, crashed or damaged in anyway, we at A-1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair will ensure your bike is back to its former glory as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to you. From insurance claims
to private repairs, from factory finish to custom paintwork, if your bikes damaged and it needs TLC, we can fix it.

If your bike has been damaged or you just want it re-painted in a new fresh colour let us tailor a quote to suit you.

From OEM parts to second hand parts, let us do the legwork to get your motorcycle back you in the condition that you would expect and a budget that suits you.



All repairs and paintwork done by A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair are covered by our warranty. At A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair we understand the importance of “piece of mind”, so if there is a problem with the work we have done and it’s a direct result of something we haven’t done right and our products have failed it WILL be covered under our lifetime warranty.


Quality Assured Factory Finishes
Just because your bike needs repairing or painting doesn’t mean its not going to look original! We pride ourselves in finishing your bike to a quality standard you would expect from a new bike.


Fuel Tank Repairs and Fuel Tank Lining
From dented to rusted tanks. We can repair most tanks through a variety of different techniques. We also clean out and apply Fuel Tank Liners to rusted out fuel tanks or old tanks that might leak.


Plastic Welding Repairs

From cracks in the plastic fairing panels to broken headlights, A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair can generally repair most broken plastics. Let us access what’s required and the repairs needed before you buy expensive replacements.



Fibreglass Repairs
We do repair fibreglass repairs. From race bikes to trike bodies, if its fibreglass it’s repairable.



Custom and Replica Paintwork
Have you been thinking about a colour change, race replica or something a bit different for your bike? If you require a custom paint job to enhance the look or just freshen up the look of your bike then why not come and see A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair and between us we can come up with a colour or design to suit your requirements and budget.


Chips, dents and scratches
Chips, dents and scratches can annoy a motorcycles proud owner not to mention effect the re-sale value. All can be fixed here at A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair.


Frame Straightening and Painting

We can have your frame checked after an accident as well as repairing it before it gets painted or powder coated back to its original or custom finish.

Wheel Repairs and Painting

Bent and dented rims are sometimes repairable. If it can be repaired to a SAFE standard we can do it and refinish it to its original finish.

2 Pac Paint Specialists

Using our modern paint booth and 2 Pac paint systems we can reproduce colours and finishes as per factory finish whilst warranting our workmanship.

Powder Coating

If you require wheels, frames or any other parts finished in a resilient and hardened powder coat let us explain
the benefits and show you the finishes available to you.


Got some metal parts that are going rusty, chipped or just need taking back to the original metal?
Let us sandblast the parts before refinishing with 2 Pac paints or powder coats.


A1 Race Paint offers racers and track day goers a variety of services ranging from fairing repair & paintwork, supply of new fairings to full race bike repairs. From a small scratch to a big crash, using the latest equipment and leading brand paint systems, A1 Race Paint aims to assist and cater to all racers at a price that they can afford and a finished job they expect. 


Race Fairings, Repair, Paint and Supply
We also specialise in repairing and painting race fairings for your race bikes.

Here at A1 Race Paint we repair race fairings so you don’t have to replace and paint a whole new kit. We also have access to a large range of race glass kits, painted or unpainted and can even fit them if required. We can also repaint and colour your fairings to match your favourite GP or Superbike.

Road Bike, Cruzer and Scooters

It doesn't matter what you ride or if it's got two or even three wheels. We specialise in all makes and models.

Stickers and Decals

We replace OEM decals or supply cut replica decals.


Pick up, Recovery and Delivery
If you are unable to ride your bike, you are too busy to bring to A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair or it needs recovering from the side of the road, call (07) 5527 2366 or 1300 777 627 (after hrs - quoting A1 motorcycles.) and we can pick it up. By the same token once the repairs have been completed we can deliver to your door for your maximum convenience.