Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bring my motorcycle to you and not to the main dealer for repairs?

All paint work and repairs are done in house here at A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair and being a passionate small business with lower overheads we can keep the prices competitive whilst making sure the quality and workmanship is of the highest standard. Not many clients realise that all of the main dealers outsource the repairs and paintwork to specialists such as A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair.

Can I bring you the whole bike or just the panels?

You can leave your bike with A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair or just he panels/parts that require repair - up to you.

How long does it take?

Obviously that depends on the size of the repairs but generally we can turn small repairs around within a week, larger repairs within 10-14 days subject to parts being available if required.

Is the work guaranteed?

All work, repairs and paintwork done by A1 Motorcycle Paint & Repair are covered by our warranty. If there is a problem with the work we have done and it’s a direct result of something we haven’t done right and/or our products have failed it WILL be covered under our lifetime warranty.

How quickly can you do a quote for me?

If you come in and ask for a quote I will do it there and then. I may have to get prices for parts but I will get the quote to you ASAP.

Can you do a quote over the phone?

We can give you an idea over the phone but in most cases to give you an exact quote we need to see the extent of the damage.

Can I send you a picture of the damage for a quote?

Yes you can, however in most cases to give you an exact quote I need to physically see the extent of the damage.

Can you pick up my bike?

Yes we can pick up your bike from home or the side of the road.